Strategy Guide|5. Jul 2017

Grow Your City’s Population

It is not really a shock that SimCity BuildIt is just about the most popular mobile games on the planet. People like this game since it allows them to take a job of any city 's mayor and help make the people happy. But, all of this's true if you are doing your job properly. Maintaining the city living is not a simple task. You have to have the proper strategy to advance in this specific game.. The entire point of SimCity BuildIt is building a metropolis. The principle is the larger the better. Thus, the main goal of yours must be increasing the population. The more citizens you've, the more cash you are going to be ready to gather through tax. This, in turn, is going to fill up the budget of yours, making it possible for you to create a lot more amazing structures.

Along with this in mind, among the very best SimCity BuildIt strategies is building new residential buildings, along with enhancing the old ones. Nevertheless, pay attention to not influence the happiness amount of the citizens of yours. To be able to develop the residences, you want money and the citizens do not like big taxes.

Strategy Guide|4. FEB 2018

Run the Residences the Right Way

If the streets in the residential area are filled with garbage, your citizens will not be happy. You need to make their lives comfortable. That is why you need to pay attention that each residential area has its own fire station, police station, etc. You also need to pay attention to roads, as heavy traffic is not something that your residents will appreciate.

Strategy Guide|2. Dec 2017

Don’t Forget About Factories

A city with no industry is condemned to disaster. Individuals have to work somewhere in an effort to generate money and spend the fees. Furthermore, industries are usually there to bring you the information you need. Nevertheless, when building the industrial facilities, you have to ensure they will not be impacting the life of the folks in the residences. And so, be sure the industrial zone is at a suitable distance.

Strategy Guide|1. Jan 2018

Do these not work for you?

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